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Posted by Rose Hill Flowers on April 18, 2016 Admin Prof Day

Celebrate Administrative Professionals Week with Plants and Flowers

administrative professionalsThis year, Administrative Professional’s Day is recognized on April 27. Although the tradition began in 1952 as National Secretaries Day, we’ve come a long way! At that time, there was a shortage of people working in support capacities, and the initiative began to point out just how important these careers were. Although today we have nearly 9 million administrative professionals in the United States – they are every bit as important to our companies and the economy as a whole.

administrative professionalsWednesday, April 27 gives us a special opportunity to honor those who don’t always get too much credit; even though we all know that without them, things would not go well. Administrative professionals interact without clients, provide exceptional customer service, keep our days running efficiently and smoothly. In fact, they are often so efficient that although you may not be aware of their activities, your Nashville organization would be lost without them.

administrative professionalsFor National Administrative Professionals Day, how will you tell your employees that you appreciate them? Perhaps you could take them to their favorite spot for lunch, or give them some time off. But if you’d like to remind them each and every day of their importance to the operation, a plant from Rose Hill Flowers is a perfect choice. Orchids, tropical flowers, green plants, and succulent gardens are long-lasting and create a beautiful oasis for any office space. From elegant, professional offices, to low-key workshops, we have the perfect accompaniment to your décor.

administrative professionalsLike so many aspects of our life, we often get caught up in the day to day routine and forget to stop and appreciate all the awesome people around us. This April 27, take that moment to share a gift with your friends and employees who support your efforts. Thank those who embody excellence, loyalty and hard work with a gorgeous plant from Rose Hill Flowers, and make a lasting impression that gives them the credit they deserve.