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Posted by Rose Hill Flowers on December 18, 2017 Floral Design Flowers

2018’s Positively Posh Floral Forecast

Of the four styles identified in International Floral Distributors trend report for 2018, “Positively Posh” really spoke to us here at Rose Hill Flowers. While we’re certainly inspired by all four, this one in particular reminds us that floral design is always evolving. Being creative and maintaining a sense of adventure always rewards those of us who work with flowers, even as we cherish our classic styles and approaches.

IFD’s “Positively Posh” style is difficult not to fall in love with, hinging as it does on that traditional romantic look. The difference here is that designs in this manner aren’t heavy handed or too studied. Instead, the vibe is upbeat and youthful, evoking a playful, whimsical feeling. You can see this approach reflected in our Garden of Avon piece.

One of the key features of this trend is the use of pastel blooms and neutrals, a continuation of the trend toward more understated, muted tones. The flowers are chosen for their texture, with the idea being that each delicate petal unfolds into the next to create a layered, ruffled effect. It doesn’t matter whether these designs come together in a pot, as above, or unfurl from a pedestal vase. If the flowers provide the right texture in the right palette, they’ll be as charming in a cube vase as in a rustic box.

Here at Rose Hill Flowers we’re always willing to help you refresh and renew your floral design scheme, or to pick up the perfect something for someone special.